Spread and Grow

2023 Goals

So, it’s the new year. Let’s go over what was accomplished last year first:

  • the first version of DeadLogs1 went up;
  • my blog finally went up;
  • this website finally got the reboot it’s been needing and was moved over to running on Hugo instead of the mess it was before.


  • Release the first version of RefMine2 out.
  • Build more on this website and its layout.

I haven’t touched RefMine since Feburary 2022. It’s in stable enough state to be released now. Hell, I was some months ago but then decided that it needed some reworking. I won’t go into all I want to do, but one of things I’d like to help is it’s ability to be used with DeadLogs. I’ve worked before to integrate them a bit; you can see that in my current oc reference site (which needs updating and will be my test dummy for RefMine’s development).

  1. DeadLogs: A template/generator for making static blogs/websites. ↩︎

  2. RefMine: A template/generator for making orginal character reference sheets. ↩︎