Spread and Grow


“What is Shroom.Ink?” you may be asking yourself. Well I, the webmaster, am here you tell you.

The History

We must start at the beginning. At first I only had one domain for my personal portfolio, I was working on projects ( DeadLogs & RefMine) that I wanted to host on separate sites.

I decided that the easiest and cheapest way to do this was via subdomains. The only domain I had was long though which made my subdomains long as well. Also I just didn’t like the way they looked. The solution to this problem was simple, buy a new domain, aka

So all was good and great. A new, stylish domain to use for my little projects. For the longest time though, the actual main Shroom.Ink site was just a lazily put together homepage with basically nothing on it. It stated like that for months and months.

After getting more into looking at the indie web and web revival community, I decided to transform the site into what it is now.

So What is It?

  • It’s just a random personal site.
  • It’s a little place to place little things.
  • A place to experiment with web design and stuff.
  • I don’t know what it is.

I keep changing how this place looks like. This is how it looked when it was first reworked in December 2022:

Fun Fact: I totally forgot to make an about page until mid February 2023, two months after making this site.